James Lewis
July 7, 2021

Photos of my Mom holding myself and my siblings as newborn babies hang on the wall of our home. Each photo tells the story of a woman who has loved each of her children unconditionally. In our earliest years, she held us in her arms. Now that we are adults, she holds us in her heart.

It is unbearable to think about the numerous children in this world who have never been held. Not long in their mother’s warm hands. Not long in the steady calm of her gentle heart. Too many circumstances too heartbreaking to tell explain why there are children born into the world without someone to love them. Yet, no circumstance negates the simple truth that love gives us life and without it, we suffer.

An article in Science Times shares a study of researchers who found that when babies are not held and hugged long enough, they can stop growing physically, and die. Children are the most vulnerable and innocent human beings. Out of us all, children deserve the most protection, care, and love. But we live in a deeply broken world and evil finds its way into all areas of life, including the precious bond between a mother and her child. As a result, some children are left without a mother to love them and without someone to hold them.

At Ruth’s Home for Children, we choose to step into the brokenness that has been unfairly placed into the hands of orphans and abandoned children. We choose to be God’s vessel of love to hearts who have never felt its warmth. We choose to hold the hands of beloved image-bearers who have been overlooked by their families and communities. We choose to stand on God’s side as we watch Him rewrite and redeem their stories. We choose hope for children in Congo. Will you join us as we continue to walk in the love of Jesus and share it with children who are precious in His sight?

With Bright Hope,
Keren Engulu