The Engulu Family - Founders

Jacques and Ruth Engulu moved to the United States from the Democratic Republic of Congo over 26 years ago in search of safety and better life for their children. After coming to America and raising their five children here, Jacques and Ruth Engulu, began to pray for peace and hope in their homeland. Thinking about the children who were suffering, Ruth Engulu felt compelled by her Christian faith to help orphans by transforming her home in Congo into a haven for children. In 2020, Ruth’s Home for Children was officially established as a non-profit organization with the mission of providing a safe and loving home for children and ending the orphan crisis in Congo. 

Pastor Charles Lwo | Site Director

Pastor Charles Lwo is a pastor in the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo. He serves as the site director for Ruth’s Home for Children. Known for his genuine humility and surrender to God, Pastor Charles leads a ministry with members of the Congolese community who are often overlooked—hungry prisoners and abandoned widows. When Ruth Engulu began funding the care of orphans in the DRC, Pastor Charles stepped in to oversee the work of caring for orphans. His life is a breathing example of James 1:27, which encourages Christians to keep their devotion to God pure by caring for orphans and widows, who often have no one to care for them. It is our pleasure to have Pastor Charles as a member of our team, a fellow servant of Christ.