Bright Hope
May 20, 2021

I remember listening to my Mom share the story of a little girl who had been brought to live at the orphanage. She was two. I will call her Dalia*. On her first night there, Dalia grew sick and threw up several times. Examined by her caregiver, it was found that Dalia had not eaten food in several days. Sadly, this was normal for her and other abandoned children like her. Before being brought to the orphanage, Dalia would have a small meal, then go for days without food, then have another small meal, go for more days without food, and so on. It is unknown how much longer Dalia would have lived had she not been rescued.

Her body had reacted the way that it did because her stomach was not accustomed to receiving food at various times in one day. Although Dalia’s body needed nutrition, her body did not know how to receive it. Patiently, caregivers at Ruth’s Home nursed Dalia back to health and her body slowly grew accustomed to the food it so desperately needed. It has been three years. Today, Dalia is alive and healthy.

Upon hearing the first part of Dalia’s story, my heart sank. I wondered how a child so young could go so long without such a basic need—food. How could life be so harsh? Then, as I continued to listen to her story unfold, a still peace began to lift my sinking heart. A miracle.

Jean de la Bruyere once wrote, “Out of difficulties grow miracles. ”These words never cease to warm my heart. It is the nature of God. Only He can take death and breathe His life into it. In Dalia’s story, I see the breath of God. He prompted someone to bring Dalia to Ruth’sHome for Children, gave her loving caregivers, and restored her to health. This is why we hope. This is why hope does not disappoint. It is because we serve a God who gives us life, abundantly.

If only we continue to hope, we will see the many miracles God plants for us in every moment of each day and in every season of life. We hope because God will remove the stains of pain from our lives. We will see His light cast out the darkness and feel His kindness hold us up when we feel like we are falling apart. Hope cannot be mustered up by the human heart. God is the giver of hope. As we fix our gaze towards Heaven, we will find an endless river of the brightest hope. We will find Him.

I hope Dalia’s story encourages you to remember the faithfulness and kindness of God. We can always hope when our hope is in the One who created it.

With Bright Hope,
Keren Engulu


*The name of the child has been changed to protect her identity.